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Grazerlicious was founded on the love of snacking on a variety of sweet and savoury incredients. The team at Grazerlicious is dedicated to serving the highest quality ingredients; all while gathering a group of individuals to bond over the artistic and delectable part of food.


With the love of hosting social events, a passion for creativity, and food; Grazerlicious was established! It started off as a creative outlet to show the individuals around me how much I truly care and appreciate them.

Seeing the smiles on their faces after each gathering, I knew this had to be shared with all of you. Grazerlicious aims to bring individuals together to bond over delicious food and the perfect ambiance that not only is pleasing to the eyes but also nourishing for the (foodie) soul.


Our lavish catering service, picnic set-ups and grazing tables will be the highlight of your dinner party.  We offer a variety of foods for any brunch gathering, kids' birthday, corporate functions, bereavement gift, engagement party, baby shower, and all other things that need to be celebrated. You can count on us to leave a lasting impression on your guests! We truly love what we do and it shows!



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