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At Grazerlicious, we cater to all events. From business conferences, showers, weddings, baptisms, christenings, birthdays, anniversaries just to name a few! All tables are completely customizable. We guarantee your event will be an unforgettable food experience!

Each Grazing Tables is specially curated with a unique style and taste surely to leave your guests wanting more!

Vegetarian, gluten free and vegan options are available.

CHARCUTERIE & CHEESE GRAZING TABLES (STARTING AT $760 ) contains and are not limited to:

- Fresh seasonal produce

- Fine artisan cheeses

- Charcuterie 

- Nuts and dried fruits

- Assortment of salty snacks

- Artisan breads and crackers

- Wholesome dips and spreads

...and much more!

BRUNCH GRAZING TABLES (STARTING AT $700 ) contains and are not limited to:

-Chicken &  Waffles

-French Toast

-Seasonal fruits

- Sandwiches & Wraps

- Turkey or pork bacon, breakfast sausages

- Eggs

- Pastry

- Dips and Spreads

- Croissants


-Flowers (please note all set-ups come with greenery if required)

-Mocktails garnished with cotton candy or assortment of candy or fruits

-Yogurt & Granola  cups

- Individually dressed bagel halves with fruits and honey

- Veggie cups (vegetable sticks served in a disposable wine cup with dressing)

- Brie cake

-Watermelon cake

- Mini sliders

- Chicken wings

- Shrimp cups

- Mini dessert cups 

- Charcuterie cups

- Shrimp wrapped in turkey or pork bacon

- Sushi

-Sweet table

- Spinach dip with naan & chips

- Pasta or bean salad

- Dipped berries, oreos, pretzels, cakesickles or cakepops

If you would like something that is not on the menu please let us know.

Please note we provide customized bespoke dinner menu.

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